Friday, January 9, 2015

A requiem for a mango tree

For the better part of two decades it bore fruit
swung a hammock
served shade in generous quantities
while those mangoes, green covering rich yellow
were pickled, pulped,
sliced and pureed
made a salad a bit saucier
and a milk shake smoother.
Yesterday I came home to find sun streaming into a kitchen
that had known a dappled green light
This year's Ugadi pacchadi
won't be made with mangoes
from my tree.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bookmarks in Time

Its been over 6 and a half years since appa passed on, yet it feels like only yesterday that he was with us. I was checking the stats on this blog and see that many people still routinely visit it every single month. Gives you a sense of what appa meant to people. There has not been a single new post since 2011, and yet they return. Truly remarkable. Such was his impact. One to definitely aspire towards!

We love you appa. Your time with us with always be bookmarked in our lives. Able to go back to it on-demand. Feels like just yesterday.